Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day Chris!

A word of warning.  There be lots of pictures in this post.  A trip down memory lane if you will.  

The last three years it has been such an honor to watch Chris grow into fatherhood.  He is the BEST dad to Lakin and Bennett and I fall more in love with him every tender moment I witness.  Just tonight we went to a Honker's baseball game.  After eating as many complimentary hot dogs and hamburgers as our family of four could consume, the game was only an hour in, but it was clear that our children needed to be taken home.  Immediately.  We were at the "throw them in bed and close the door" point of the evening where at any moment someone might keel over and die from the exaggerated emotions of the moment.  Lakin had some potty troubles waiting for the bathroom to open so she was in a delightful mood on her way out of the stadium and Bennett just needed a bottle stat or things were going to get violent.  We exited the stadium as friends were just showing up.  Chris looks at me and says, "There's no one I'd rather leave a game with early besides you guys."  Kids are crazy.  Especially of the Jaeger variety.  But I am thankful everyday that I get the honor and privilege to do parenthood with this guy.  I am confident that part of what makes Chris so outstanding as a father is that he has some amazing role models in his own father and my dad.  We come from good people, friends.  Thanks Dennis and Dad, for your leadership, your love, and all the ways you modeled such sacrifice in our own childhoods.  

Let the memories roll... I'll commentate.  You're welcome.
 Lakin and Chris wear matching outfits.  Not a coincidence.
 Getting in a little bath time with Miss Lakin.
 I believe this was when the tutu obsession began?  Perhaps we have Ashley Frevert to thank for the countless tutus littering every corner of our house?
 Cool dad.  Big bow.
 Tasting the finer cuisines of Portland.  Showing some love for the Bjorn.
 One of my favorite photos of the two of them to date.  Camping trip.  Daddy's dream come true.  Mommy's act of tolerance and sacrifice for Daddy.

 Seattle breakfast.
 Yeah, did you die a bit on this one?
 Not Bennett in a dress.  Lakin (looking exactly like her brother) and Dad in California sunshine.
 Visiting daddy on his last day as a surgical intern.  A Booya.
 An adorable California photo of these two crazies.

 Instilling a love of good things early.  Lakin's first birthday dinner.
 Chubby, naked Lakin taking a whack at the piñata at her first birthday party.
 Just playing with balloons.
Dad takes Lakin's Halloween candy.  Don't worry she's too young to care.
 Playing princess.
 Indulging our daughter in her millionth Thanksgiving cracker.  Nutrition first.
 Where she gets some of her personality.
 Children's museum, sticker approved.
 Christmas reading.
 Getting after it Christmas morning.
 Making the most of Minnesota cold.
 Pushing a stroller on ice.  Not advised unless you're a dad who lives on the edge.
 Easter mandatory portrait, enforced by me.
 Loving on the baby in the oven.
 Making his wife proud.
 Looking out for Orcas.

 San Juan Island sight seeing.
 Dealing with a massive melt-down like a seasoned pro.
 Making cookies, a Daddy and Lakin staple.
 Guacamole gluttony.
 Camping and riding in the backpack (which Lakin despised-backpack, not camping).
 Apple Orchard.
 Two goofballs.
 NCS, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.  Teaching science to Lakin early.
 Embracing his son.
 A very common scene for the first five months of Ben's life.
 Only a Dad would use a hand towel as a burp cloth, blanket over getting an actual burp cloth or blanket from it's designated spot in the nursery.
 Life with "children," as in the plural.
 Seriously annoyed by my photo.
 Productivity and snuggles.
 More annoyance directed at me and my camera.
 Dad with his Chief's clad boy.
 Christmas playtime in KC.
 A genius idea if I ever saw one.
 Tea party.  Scarves were mandatory attire.
 Teaching Ben the fine art of the Chipotle hack.  Two tortillas for no extra charge!!!
 The twinsies.
 Zoo love.  I see a trend in my Dad and Bennett photos.
Guarding the stroller.

Oh Chris, thank you for being such a wonderful, hands on Father.  I love witnessing you delight in your children and am thankful to have you as my partner in this journey.  Happy Father's Day!

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