Thursday, June 6, 2013

Not Interested

My how time is just whizzing by.  There have been so many moments when I've longed to come here and record the sweet, crazy, and hilarious moments from my time with the littles and then when they're all tucked in their beds, the kitchen is cleaned and the hubby is home I simply cannot motivate myself to sit down and write.

So I am going to share a quick story.

Lakin is really coming out of the dark, dark DARK, days of two-year-old sass.  She's so close to three and I can feel the light dawning and the 'tude waning.  Praise my sweet Jesus!

We're still working on the way we speak and as of late Lakin likes to tell me just what she thinks about anything I ask her to do.  In an effort to encourage freedom of expression but also squash the finger waggin', hip swivel snap of a response I so typically get from her (where do they learn this?) I've been asking her to watch the way she expresses her feelings.

So rather than using her whiny voice to proclaim, "I don't want to brush my teeth."  Lakin will tell me, "Mom, I'm just not interested in brushing my teeth."  "I'm not interested in turning off the TV." "I'm not interested in bathing tonight."  SO it's a baby step.  Hygiene is not an opt out kind of thing, but it's an improvement from the days when the lady would throw herself down and wail in despair when there were no more peaches left in her single serving container.

Baby steps.  We'll take it!

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