Friday, June 28, 2013

Photography Friday: Megan & Ben Engaged

There are some warm feelings in my heart toward this session.  Jen and I traveled to Minneapolis to shoot it, where we would simply drive down a street, any street, and point out beautiful backdrops for photos.  Sometimes I miss me some metropolis, but that's another story for another time.  Anyway, we met Megan and Ben at Minnehaha Falls and who knew, in the middle of the city, was a breathtaking waterfall?  The couple was straight up adorable, Megan is just about the tiniest little thing you'll ever meet.  These two just laugh and giggle at one another.  I'm looking forward to shooting their wedding this Fall.

The second reason I remember this day fondly was because Jen and I hit up ikea on the way home.  It was quick and we were on a mission for something very specific but any chance to walk within the walls of ikea is a win for me.  I got paid to wolf down a $1 ice cream and visit one of my favorite places.

But the pictures, lets get on to the pictures.

I told you they were adorable.

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