Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Meyers Take Rochester

Recently we had wonderful friends make the seven hour trek North to spend some quality time with us.  Bonnie is  a "life friend" and I went to high school with Tom- so we go way back.  Their sweet boy, Everett, almost 2, was a delight to get to know and I can't even wait for the insanity that will be baby #2, another boy, expected in October.

Here are some photos from our time together.

 My curly haired crazy met the Meyers in the driveway.
 Lakin and E became fast friends.  It makes me eager for Ben to get just a little bit older.  I don't think I heard Lakin request TV or tell me she was bored the entire 4 days the Meyers were here.
 Handsome little ball of personality.
 One of the many reasons I married this man...
 While they were here we visited Oxbow Park & Zoo.  I had never been and was really impressed.  It's the perfect size for toddlers.

 Because real men Bjorn.
 Took a little fashion risk with the fedora/ athletic shirt combo I was rockin'.

 This is a picture of some of our chaos.  Not too bad, but a little crazy.  E was so sweet to Bennett, he's going to make a wonderful big brother.
 iPhone to the rescue.
 He put this mask on, all on his own accord.  Loved it.

 We corralled the cattle children with the baby gate.  It was perfect for keeping them on the same floor as us.  Unfortunately, snack cups won't fit through the bars.

 We were so honored by your visit, Meyer fam!

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