Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bennett Brand: 10 Month Old!

I got some mixed emotion about this post.  10 months.  That's like 2 months away from his first birthday.  Yes, yes, that's elementary math shining through.

This last month was pretty significant for Bennett.  He started crawling and pulling up and cruising.  He started opening cabinets and hanging out dangerously close to the top of the stairs.  He started raising all kinds of ruckus in the bathroom and eating toilet paper.  Proud moments, all of them.

He also popped another tooth, which was the longest, hardest labor of love, and this is coming from a woman who birthed two children... a snowstorm.  His teething was straight up epic.  He whined and woke up in the middle of the night and produced some of the foulest diapers that ever did exist.

Due to my persistent prodding, he started speaking.  Of course he said, "Dada," first.  They always do.  And then, "gawg," which is Bennett speak for dog, and finally, "Momma."  I tried not to take it personally.  I only birthed him.  Uphill.  In a snowstorm.  And we don't even own a dog.  BUT I DIGRESS.

So, yeah, pretty much overnight my babe became a toddler.  I had a tiny fit over it for about a week because it was transition into a new phase and I always freak when we transition and my expectations have to shift to the changing times.  Good thing the husband is willing to listen to me grumble a bit and remind me that this is what making and raising babies brings... along with lots of wonderful things too.

So, this little boy continues to grow more and more handsome each day.
He loves:
Wagon rides
Multigrain Cherrios
Being neked
His sister
The little whale bathtoys
The stick that helps lock the sliding glass door
My iPhone

Being wiped clean
Changing his diaper
Having to dry off from a bath
Waiting... for anything
When Lakin takes things from him
Seeing you walk through a room without coming over to pick him up

Little boy has the best sense of humor and some of the most fantastic facial expressions.  I always prayed for expressive children and so far, God's delivered.  He loves new people and new places and is pretty content in most environments.  The boy is a pool hound, and would soak up potentially harmful rays all day if someone would just let him be.  He hates to wear hats and hates for adults in his life to wear hats... or earrings... or glasses.

Ben and Lakin are going to be quite the pair.  I can tell that there will be no end to the crazy plans those two will hatch.  They play together all the time and seek one another out in a room.  Ben looks up to Lakin so much already and he laughs at all the weird things she says.  They pass toys to one another in the car and Lakin explains things to Bennett as she goes about her day.  "Ben, this is a seat belt, we wear it in the car or we go to jail."  "Bennett you can't put Dora's shoe in your mouth, it will choke your throat."  "Did you poo, Bennett, it's okay because you're a baby and you can't sit on a toilet."

Our 10 month photos were a little scattered.  Someone, who shall remain nameless refused to sit still or look at the camera, or take the glasses out of his mouth.


  1. Love Lakin's words of wisdom to little Ben! So sweet.

  2. Thanks for the daily laugh. Lakin's comments are so funny. He just makes you melt when he smiles. What a cutie.