Friday, July 26, 2013

Lakin Ellie: Three

 This happened.  Today, you turn three!

Lakin, you have blessed our lives immensely these last three years.  We never could have imagine a little girl so full of life, so perfect as the one the Lord gave us three years ago.  Sometimes, okay, every single day we talk about how amazing you are and how lucky we are to have you as our child.
When your mom found out she was pregnant she began dreaming of the little person you would be.  We remember specifically asking the Lord to make you "spirited."  Ha!  That He did.  You are one of the most spirited people we know.  You celebrate every single day, adore each special moment of your life and know how to live life LARGE.  Just this morning you about came out of your seat when I asked if you wanted a special band aid for your most recent battle wound.  You love to drink your water from a fancy tea cup.  Each day you dress yourself with the most bling, ruffles, and lace as you can possibly find.  We love how much you savor life's gifts.  
You are such a goofball, finding humor is all you do.  You are funny and love being silly.  Right before bedtime you always get extra giggly.  Right now you love to make silly faces for the camera and it's hard to get you to make a normal face when your mom has her camera out.  Your expressions are priceless and we have a whole file of photos you will someday roll your eyes at.  We hope you always laugh as much as you do now.
 You are curious and full of questions.  You want to understand your world and love talking through things over and over.  You have such an honest perspective on life and love to wonder and dream aloud.  You think of others, asking  questions about the people we encounter throughout the day.  We're always amazed at your observations and understanding of the people in your life.  You are intuitive and empathetic and such a people person.
 Right now you love dress up, playing with Princesses, watching movies, playing games like Candy Land, Hopscotch, and Bingo.  Each day you ask us who we're going to see and where we are going to go.  You love being on the go, visiting friends, and shopping with Mom at Costco and Target.
You have been waiting all month for your birthday.  You ask, every night if tomorrow will be the day.  You have been planning your party and special day all summer since we decided to do a little party.  Your three best friends will be here to celebrate.  You guys will wear princess outfits and eat pizza- your idea of the perfect evening.
Sweet girl, we love you.  We can't wait to see all the ways you will grow in the next year.  Your beauty literally takes our breath away.  Happy birthday, Lakin Ellie!


  1. looking so grown up. a few tears here. Happy Birthday, Lakin.

  2. Happy birthday, Lakin! Love your sweet little outfit and the amazing light in these photos!