Friday, July 12, 2013

Lakin Lately

She is beautiful.  Inside and out.  I. Love. This. Girl.  Not going to lie, two was a loooong and hard year.  Lakin is strong in spirit and will.  All good, except when you're learning your boundaries.  But as we turn the corner to three I can see a little girl emerging.  She's respectful and kind and considers others.  She's imaginative and creative and is always looking for a way to play and seize every opportunity.

She is so much me and yet, completely her.  There are moments where we are so in tune with one another and other moments when we've both dug in our heels and are fighting to stand our ground.  She's learning when to yield and I'm learning when to say yes, which I don't say enough.  But I'm trying to change that.

Each day is filled with wonder and magic.  She's absorbing the world and learning so much, so quickly.  It still amazes me how well she can read people and a situation.  She acknowledges others pain and offers her love and empathy.  She really is the most empathetic individual I know.
She spontaneously offers compliments and shares love.  She reminds me of all the rules and things I've worked to teach her over the last three years when I forget them.  And I forget quite often.  She takes things very literal.  My sarcasm is a bit of a mystery to her but she is growing in her sense of humor and has quite the comedic timing, herself.

Her memory is remarkable and she's always scheming.  If you make a promise, she takes it very seriously and calls you on it if you forget or hope that she will.  SHE NEVER FORGETS.

Lakin loves dress up and often can be found with her "pretties" on.  She changes clothes completely two to three times a day, making for lots of questionable laundry.  She dresses herself, potties by herself, straps herself in to the car seat, and pretty much fights for independence in any situation.

I love that Lakin is always willing to include others.  She misses her friends throughout the week and dreams up elaborate things for them to do the next time we plan to see them. She is an extrovert through and through which sometimes makes me feel exhausted, but mostly, thankful.

I love her.  I can't believe in a two weeks this beauty will turn three.  I adore the little person she's becoming.


  1. Such a beauty, like her mama. We miss you, Lakin!

  2. Oh, Lakin, how we miss you. You are a joyful child. Love you to bits.