Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Party in the USA

In case you haven't noticed, Lakin's kinda into princesses as of late.  She also likes the color pink... the number 6... oh, and still loves the letter K - but that's beside the point.

For her third birthday we invited three of her friends and their families for a pink princess explosion.  The only agenda for the evening was to do stuff while wearing princess dresses.  I think we nailed it.

 Alicia (the pillow) made it to the party.  Lakin saw this pillow out and immediately went downstairs to get the green pillow (aka Diego) since those two don't like to do things without one another.  I thought the imaginary friends were done, but apparently not.
 Each party guest received their own lace crown and wand.  We'll pretend that each one fit perfectly, was comfortable for the girls to wear and will be treasured forever.  Just pretend with me.  Okay?
 White Hydrangeas for the par-tay.  Thanks Hoffman family for having a gorgeous Hydrangea bush to pick from.
 Walmart wands.  We'll also pretend that these didn't break within 15 minutes of the party start and pose as an eye poking hazard.
 Nothing says "Princess" like a folding table, plastic table cloth and mismatched folding chairs.
 These straws have made it to many parties.  I am finally out.  Consider this your final farewell to the striped paper straws in mason jars.

 Lakin requested each guest wear a princess dress.  Turns out, she's the only one into hardcore princess dress up.  I think a few guests humored her and wore a dress for a few minutes, but otherwise, Lakin was riding solo with her purple Princess Sophia dress and sash.

 In her full, three-year-old glory.
 So much excitement as we waited for the first guest to arrive.
 Seeing her birthday cake for the first time.  Lakin still claims that eating cake was the BEST part of her party.
Meet the biggest labor of love for the party, the four layer pink cake.  The four layers were each a different shade of pink and the cream cheese frosting was scrumptious.  It was a disgusting amount of cake and a booger to cut and serve.  Over the top?  Yes.  Should I have done cupcakes from HyVee like every other year?  Yes.  Live and learn.  Love the photo bomb from Bennett who was snacking on some Cheerios so he could be cheery for the party.

Now for some party pics...

 Dad makes it home with PIZZA!
 Ben being a big boy with the big girls.

 Emily made a special card for Lakin.

 Lakin and Baby Jaguar meet for the first time.  They've been inseparable ever since.
 Annie made a card with Lakin's picture.  It was awesome.  Check out to find out how you can make your own.
 Awkward hug for these besties.

The younger siblings gathered round the kitchen for some fun of their own.

It was a perfect evening.  We're so thankful for friends to celebrate with.

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