Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rochesterfest: The Time it Poured; A Story of Courage and Triumph

I have a knack for finding the worst possible activities and inviting mass numbers of people.  The event ends up being a bust and I feel like an idiot for spreading the word and stirring up enthusiasm.  Ahem, my hype over the Halloween flash mob in Peace Plaza circa 2011, turned out to be 10 middle schoolers with the Rochester Civic Center Youth Theater Troop... and their parents... Last year's 4th of July Parade for kids, which was a HOT walk down 1st street with about three spectators and 20 participants.  (Sorry, Roach family)

This year I was bound and determined to make it to at least one Rochesterfest activity.  Rochesterfest is pretty much the most exciting thing that happens in Rochester in the summer.  It's a week of city wide events and there's a massive (for this town) parade.  Cathy took Lakin last year and it was all I heard about for days.  So, this year we decided to bite the bullet and get our butts to that parade.  I also invited Kerri and her family and Daniel and Casey.  When taking kids to something like this, there's always strength in numbers.

The parade itself was decent.  Typical fare: some weird clowns in tiny cars, over the top floats, realtors and politicians handing out tootsie rolls, you know, the usual.  Lakin and Annie loved waiting for the candy and running after it when it hit the ground.

But this parade had its fair share of drama in the form of torrential down pour, not once, but twice.  Luckily we parked ourselves in front of the Holiday gas station and could take cover under the awning of the pumps.

We'd just arrived, after a seven block walk to our spot, unpacked the lawn chairs, laid the blanket down and taken the first bites of our picnic dinner when rain came pouring.  In an instant Lakin, Annie and I were under a random piece of cardboard, stuck in the rain, the rest of our party, including Bennett in his stroller, were under the awning.  Thank goodness Casey thought to take Ben out of the rain.  After the skies cleared we settled back in, this time closer to the street and CANDY, only to have another crazy downpour.  This second rainfall scared a lot of people off, blankets were heavy and sopping wet, children were crying, the parade had barely started at this point.  But the real pay off came for those brave souls that stood strong against the rain, emerging from the overhang of the gas station to claim the cheap candy they'd come to collect.

While it was a bit of a bust, we came out victorious.  Lakin managed to consume too much candy and has not even noticed that the rest of her sub par candy made it's way into the trashcan on the walk back to the car.

Jaeger family: 1, Mother Nature: 0

 I am not sure what's happening in the background of this photo.  This was taken right after kid #1 took the plastic bag he brought for candy off his head.  I was a hot mess watching that debacle and thisclose to saying something to rescue the young man from himself when his mother spotted the bag wearer and took care of the situation herself.

 Chris is mocking me and my camera.  Punishment is the publishing of this photo.

 Waiting for the action to start, kicking back and chillaxing.  This is a rare moment for Lake.
Moral of the story, if I invite you to something, it might be best to politely decline.

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