Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bennett Brand: 11 Months

Baby boy, you are growing so big!

You were almost impossible to photograph this month because you never. stop. moving.  You are all over the house, fearlessly climbing and exploring.  I have never known a baby this curious - and you're sister was into lots of stuff at your age!  You keep me on my toes with your clever ways of getting around my makeshift physical boundaries.

Right now you are quite taken with these little wooden cars we snatched up at our most recent ikea trip.  They have a tiny squeak when their wheels turn so I can hear you driving them around the house while I do dishes at the sink or prepare lunches for the day.  That squeak always brings a smile to my face.

Your messy hair has yet to be cut but I can't decide if I'm ready for that milestone.  One time I tried to trim your hair like I do for your daddy and you let me quickly know that we would need the skills of a trained professional to make sure the job was done well and safely.

Changing your diaper is a straight chore.  You wiggle out of my grasp and escape my clutches, making me chase after your naked little behind as your sister laughs at the spectacle.   Pants.  You hate them.  I make you wear them when we leave the house and you make it known how displeased you are about the whole thing.  But when you wear tiny jeans or little man pants I just about die from the cuteness.

You are babbling a ton.  Nothing real discernable but I'm learning what your different noises and grunts mean.  "Nay, nay, nay, nay...." is usually uttered when you're ready for your next meal.  "Maaaaaamamamamamamam" when you need some extra cuddles.  "Dadadadadada" is your content little song when your world is perfect and you couldn't be happier.

We are preparing to celebrate your first birthday soon!  I love planning your party and thinking about all the things you will learn and do before that date.  I'm still dealing with the fact that the baby I just brought home from the hospital will be one.  But I suppose that is something all mothers struggle to grasp.

You make us laugh and warm our hearts.  We love watching you change and learn.  You are the sweetest little boy.

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