Friday, August 2, 2013

conversations with lakin

As I am giving Ben his morning bottle, rocking him in the darkness of his room, Lakin comes in and lays her head on the arm of the rocker.  She knows to whisper when Bennett's falling asleep.

Lakin: (with a whisper) Is there going to be a castle at the castle park?

Me: Yes.

Lakin: Can I be a princess and can Annie be a princess too?

Me: Sure

Lakin (with a worried expression)  Who's going to be the dragon?

Me: How about Ben?

Lakin: But he doesn't roar.

Me: Can I be the dragon?

Lakin: Yeah, that'll work.

Then she quietly slipped out of the room.

Important matters on her mind.  Don't want to forget these precious moments with her.

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