Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lakin Says...

Yesterday was Lakin's early childhood screening with the school district. It's state mandated that all children be screened before starting kindergarten in Minnesota  and three is the age they prefer for parents to have their child screened. 

I was in the room with her, observing from the corner. It was so cute to watch her play the games with the test facilitator. She was so sweet and polite and very enthusiastic about each new task she was asked to do. 

At one point she had to draw two intersecting lines. When she realized what she had drawn on her paper she exclaimed, "That's a cross. You know that is what God died on."  The whole office of facilitators had a good chuckle. 

Later she was shown different objects and was asked to tell the facilitator about them. They were looking for the object name, color, and what it does. One item was a button. Lakin perked up and said, "That is a button and it sticks to snowmen."  That's a true Minnesota kid for you. 

I love that girl.

She wore herself out and fell asleep on the way to lunch. 

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