Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hitting Restart

Thank goodness for the Fall.  I  love the weather, I'm tired of sweating and dodging bees (a full time job for me) and I am eager to have a fresh start.  By the end of summer we were barely surviving.  Kids were eating cheese and crackers as dinner in attempt to clean out the pantry, use up what we had and avoid warming the house with the oven.  We were on the go and my work was busy.  Things are starting to slow down.  Lakin starts preschool tomorrow (which I can't even...) and I finally feel like perhaps 30 minutes of prep for dinner during the five o'clock hour is not an absolutely impossibility.

I  have fresh goals in the Fall.  Things like:
- Get the kids back on a bathing schedule.
- Make healthy, well balanced meals that involve more than guacamole...
- Read my Bible, get up before the kids, enjoy peace and quiet while I drink coffee and spend time with God.
- Pack bags the night before.
- Get on a cleaning schedule for the house.
- Make some regular dates with friends and invest in our social lives.

It's been quiet on the blog front because I have been a mad woman running and doing and enjoying.  Two kids is no joke.  Lakin continues to get easier while Ben amps up into a more exhausting phase of development.  The kid can tear up a room in about 30 seconds flat, he loves to eat trash and other unacceptable materials and needs a constant eye since he's pretty into dangerous situations.

If Ben's thoughts were audible they might be something like this:
Cool, this dead insect looks like something I should hold in my hand and squish for the next three hours until mom discovers it and takes it from me.
I love this loosely covered vent, perhaps I should throw all of mom's tampons down it and see what happens.
Speaking of tampons, where is one of the fifty sticks I carried to various corners of the house?  Those are fun to chew on.
I love the bathroom floor.
Hmm, this looks like it could choke me, let's see.

So, anyway, all that to say, I finally feel like I'm finding a groove to our new life with two and hoping this Fall brings a chance to get back into a bit more discipline which also means sharing more memories and antics via the blog.  Only one week shy of Bennett's birthday- which I'm not ready to talk about, because, how?

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