Saturday, September 21, 2013

Preschool. Boss Style.

So Lakin's in Pre-K.  Yeah it's freaking adorable.  Preschool mornings are a wave of emotion as Lakin wakes before the sun and is chompin' at the bit to get to school.  I groggily explain that school is not for three hours and we need to cool our jets.  At least she likes it, right?

I took a few pics on her first day.

That's my girl.

My emotions on the first day were less sadness and more joy thinking about all the fun Lakin would have at school.  She has been so excited since last year when we told her she'd be going to school.  It feels very natural to drop her off at preschool two days a week and the girl is in love with her teachers.  Brought them an apple the other day - all her own idea.

The other day she was playing with the flashlight, which is her current favorite right now.  I told her we needed to turn the flashlight off while we ran inside a store for something and she wagged her finger and said, "God said, 'Let there be light', and there was light.  So we have to keep shining the light, Mom."  How does one argue with that?

So far I know these things about preschool...

Issac had a birthday and he brought CHOCOLATE.

She had snack, applesauce with no CHOCOLATE.

Her best friends are Button Bear and Amber Lamb and they are puffets (puppets).

She never talks in preschool because she is nice and not naughty.

There are naughty boys in her class.  They don't like to put their show in tell in the bucket at the beginning of class.

Show in tell is the greatest thrill of her life.


  1. I seriously love this girl! Miss her so so much!

  2. I seriously love this girl! Miss her so so much!