Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Seattle... My Happy Place

Can I just say that having a loved one that lives in a cool location makes a world of difference?  I had never visited the Pacific Northwest before David moved three years ago.  This trip marks our fourth trip to the beautiful city of Seattle.  I love it more and more each time I visit.  Now I have a SISTER who lives there!!!  Guys, I have a sister.  She's awesome.  I love spending time with her.  That is all.

So how about a photo dump?  Ready.  Okay.

 Two puzzles were completed in between all our adventures.  Jessica likes to puzzle too!  Lakin wanted to help, although you can imagine how helpful she really was...
 Gigi taught Lakin the fine art of puzzling.
 We stayed in an amazing town home which served as home base for the week.  The kids had a room to share, Dennis and Geri had a room and Chris and I had a room.  Luxury is vacationing with your children but not having to share a room with them.  Amen?
 Ben opened an early birthday present from Papa and Gigi.  A plate and spoon from his Daddy's childhood as well as some new jammies.  Score!
 And this girl.  She becomes more and more striking each day.  I could almost see her grow up on this trip.  Gone are the whiny cranky days of two and a half.  There were moments on the trip where she was overly tired or hungry, but for the most part she was so sweet, up for anything and wonderfully obedient.
 That face.  I want to kiss it nonstop.
 Everywhere we went there was breathtaking water scenes.  What it must be like to live near water, mountains, city.  Minnesota is beautiful in a different way but being near water was so beautiful and refreshing.
 Here are my boys.  Ben's resting face these days is grumpy.  He was having a good time, you'll have to take my word for it.
 Some quick photos on the pier before we visited the aquarium.

 Inside the aquarium there was a diver giving kids high fives through the thick glass tank.  Also, that starfish is working on it's meal.  If you look closely you'll see a tiny fish being eaten.  Science in real life!
 For David's birthday we did a little bonfire at Golden Gardens and spent time with his Seattle friends.  It was a beautiful evening, Lakin loved throwing rocks into the water and playing in the sand.  By the end of the evening she was covered in soot and sand and had thoroughly exhausted herself.  This evening might have been one of my favorite.

 This romper is adorable on her.  I love the details and she really loved wearing it.  Perfect for summer and the beach.

 Lakin and Uncle David having a serious talk.
 Baby Jaguar was by Lake's side the whole trip.

We went camping one night and after about an hour at the campsite it began to rain... and didn't stop until we left early the next morning.  But this was the view right behind our tent, so I guess there are no hard feelings.
 These driftwood shelters were all over the beach.

 What's a camping trip without some loaded Doritos?  Sad.  That's what.

 Love these two.  Dave and Jess did a fantastic job coordinating this trip, booking a camp site and packing along all the essentials for our camp out.  Camping is a lot of work.  They were prepared with spork knives, paper towel, and headlamps.

 Just a couple of young people on the beach.  Love this man.
 Sassy sisters!
 Sweet sisters.
 Van door overhang to keep dry.  Little did we know this was nothing compared to the rain that was coming.

 Mapping out a hike to the lighthouse.  Thwarted by someone who needed to potty and the rain.
 All the humidity gave Lakin the best little curls.

 So a few things about this trip: We ate at McDonalds before we got to the campsite and immediately after we left the campsite.  We spent about an hour in the van during the heaviest rainfall and told stories.  This is Lakin's favorite part of the trip.  We left Ben at home with Chris' parents, this was the best best decision.

Another thing Jaegers do when they are together is cook and eat.  David and Jess are excellent cooks and they made some of the most awesome risotto the first night we got into town.  Here's some action shots from the kitchen.  We love cooking together.

 Making Jaeger Guac, a delicacy.

 Lakin and Gigi had all sorts of adventures.  They were a bit inseparable
 Attempted gandkid shot.  Fail.
 This might be best we got.
 Serious coloring happened and Lakin broken in (literally) her new colored pencils.

 Uncle wrestling.

 This is a true to life forced moment.  Get used to it Bennett.
 He seemed to think this was okay though.

So there you have it.  I left vacation with a full heart and a bloated tummy.

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  1. So fun! Love all of the pics. We would definitely vacation with the Jaegers!