Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wednesday Friends (actually, every day of the week friends too)

One thing we will miss when it comes time to leave Rochester is all the lovely people we've been blessed to know.  Seriously, I get weepy thinking about it.  Chris' department is full of some pretty rad people.  I look forward to his work socials because I love spending time with his fellow residents and their significants.

Wednesday mornings a few of us who are home with little ones have been getting together to play at the park.  It's so good to spend time with one another while our children play.  Right now it's more while we "ooohh" and "ahhhh" over the tiny additions to the group but this time next year there will be little people all over the place fighting over the swing.

Here are a few snapshots from one of our playdates.

 Ben eating some woodchips.  No big.  Photo bomb by all the babies.
 Sara and Isla.  Those cheeks - me love.
 Brynn and Lindy - 5 months.
 Isla wearing Casey's sunglasses and giving me an icy stare.
 Yawn.... I died too.
 Issac, who will have his pick of the ladies in the years to come.  This baby is the man.
 Lakin putting wood chips in her brother's shirt pocket.  Seems reasonable...
 McKinley, who is one month younger than Bennett.  Isn't she a beauty?
 Oh this boy.  So happy.  (This was his birthday, by the way.)
 Wood chip eating was the hot activity of the morning.
 For as long as I've known Isla, WHICH IS HER WHOLE LIFE... so about 10 months, she is content to just hang out.  She never fusses, always rolls with it, and makes chilling look good.
 Lakin stalks James during his morning snack time.  James' mom thought to bring him snacks.  Lakin can smell crackers from across a playground and she can awkward stare forever while you eat.  James eventually gave a few crackers to his new leech friend.  All was well.  Lesson learned, hide yo crackers when Lakin is around.
 Casey and Issac, doesn't she look beautiful?  Motherhood looks good on Casey.  What a natural.
Love this picture of Lindy and Brynn.  She loves that tiny gal.  So much kissing and snuggling from these two.

I am so thankful for our community of friends here in Rochester.  Also thankful that more and more dear friends are populating the Earth and I get the chance to see them become mothers and know their babies.  It's a privilege.


  1. sara - enjoy it my friend. leaving/having left gets harder every month. it is a deep ache. just ask us who just left. it is a beautiful little bubble. it is good to be on the other side of residency, but man oh man do i miss all of you!!!

  2. omg how am i just seeing these?! please send my way!! You will be so incredibly missed that it hurts. LOVE YOU