Thursday, October 17, 2013

One of the Perks

As you know, my husband is still on his long road to professionalism.  We have a year and a half left before he's done with medical residency and from there we might still take the fellowship route, which would mean another one to two years of training... but who's counting?

Residency has been a million times better than I imagined and I certainly can't and won't complain about the schedule or the hours.  Chris has a wonderful family of a department and every once in a while we get to go out for a fancy departmental dinner or... wait for  it... all expense paid trip.

This October we were fortunate enough to go to Naples, Florida, to participate in the NCS urology conference with many of Chris' classmates and consultants.  While Chris worked a good portion of the trip, I sat myself on a lounge chase among some of my dearest friends and enjoyed a fantastic, kid-free week.

We left the babes at home with Chris' parents.  This was our first time away from them for more than a night and I think they loved the special time with Papa and Gigi.

 The resort was pretty dumpy.

 The view was terrible.
 But the in-room coffee was delicious.
 Brynn floating.
 Casey and Issac chilling pool side.

 All these cute kids almost made me wish we brought ours... for a moment.  Then I sat back and read a book in peace and quiet and remembered that this was the way to VACATION.
 Sara and Isla.  Such pretty girls.
 Mairtin and Milo.
 The face says it all.
 I wish that pink swimsuit came in my size, Isla.
 Jeff and Aidan.
 Cool dude, Issac.
 One of our favorite families!
 Avery loved the ocean.
 Baby speedos.  Out of control.
 Hotties, Sara & Marce.
 Another favorite family!  The Linders.
 Thursday night we attended a dinner that felt like we were straight out of a scene from Survivor.  Except that there was an open bar and an abundance of food and appetizers floating around... so maybe not exactly like Survivor.
 Tables were set elaborately with chandeliers inside big white tents.

 Waterfall not pictured.  This was the entrance to the tented dining area.
 I creepily welcomed guests upon the safari themed couch.
 Doing a little sesh on the animal print couch.
 I love these women.  I'm sad that Lindy was not in this photo.  She was feeding a giraffe.  More on that in a moment.
 More fancy pants safari decor.
 Meet the giraffe we all fed carrots to.  He was close enough to pet and hand feed.
 He wrapped his tongue around the carrot stick and pulled it into his mouth.  See below for a little visual.

 There was also a rhinoceros.  I ate dinner close to this guy.  Little smelly but pretty remarkable.

Oh how I miss those sandy beaches, leisurely mornings and hours of sitting in the sun.  Upon my return home Lakin informed me I could go back.  She and Gigi still had things to do on their list.  So obviously I was sorely missed.  :)

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