Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Family Photos

Photography has become so important to me.  I value the power of a photograph.  I strive to capture significant moments for my children.  So much so that my Instagram feed is clogged with images of the everyday.  If you follow me you're probably rolling your eyes.  I have been known to post excessively.   I love looking through images of my children and those dear to us, reliving moments and cherishing days come and gone.  

There are no words to express my gratitude to Jen and Scott for bringing me into their company and family, teaching me how to use a camera, exercising patience and grace as I continue to find my way artistically and professionally and then gifting us the most precious images, that I will forever hold dear, of my sweet family.  

These photos so far exceeded my hopes and expectations.  They are beautiful and accurate and a treasure to me.  If you live in Rochester and are considering family photos, I beg you to consider Midwest LifeShots.  It's an investment but the gift you receive will be priceless.  

Many of you have seen some of these images on Facebook because I have zero shame and have already plastered them all over my account.  Thanks for not de-friending me.  

 Notice a little blonde head at the bottom.  Makes this one even better.  :)

 I get this face every time I serve something other than spaghetti for dinner.
 Common shenanigans.


 What happened to my roly poly baby?
 This was our grand finale.  This is what I think of when I think about my sweet Lakin.  Chaos!  Joy!  Party!  Every day, every moment is something to be treasured and celebrated.
 This is my favorite of all the images of Lakin.  This is her truest essence.

 Six years married.  They have been so good to us.  He has been so good to us.
 World's most unflattering but genuine dance party.

 And this image... it doesn't even seem real.

This session was really Lakin's 3 year photos with some family photos at the beginning because our shrine to Lakin was just not cutting it as wall decor anymore.  That's why Miss Lakin steals the show.  But then again, she's been known to do that a time or two.  :)  


  1. These photos bring tears to my eyes. These are just amazing with the expressions and the beauty. Jen sure knows how to capture the personality of Lakin. Great family photos to treasure.

  2. Love them all! So gorgeous! But especially the one of the four of you sitting together and laughing in the grass. Beautiful.