Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Apples of my Eye

You see what I did there?  I used to teach middle school English.  Be impressed.  Be very impressed.

I love me some Fall weather.  Summer was good to us this year.  Warmth lasted long into September and now my winter coat is out and I fear a serious snowfall is only around the corner.  Basically, I like to look on the bright side.

But I digress.  One of our favorite things to do in the Fall is walk around our local orchards and pumpkin patches.  One weekend when Chris was off we headed to Sekaap's Orchard and lived it up Fall style.

 My handsome little pumpkin, sans shoes.  Baby hates shoes.  Hates pants.  Hates "the Man."  Protest on.
 I look like a really sporty mom.  Hmmm...  Ben has looked better.  This is the only picture out of the bunch where we were in focus so this is what we get.
 Lady picking apples.  Which in reality is just taste testing apples.  I don't think Lakin really understood the whole put your apples in a bag and buy them part.
 Exhibit A.
 Little boy is serious about food.  He was less than pleased that Chris' apple was not currently in his belly.

A few weeks later, and several degrees cooler, the kid and I ventured to Northwood's Orchard with Papa and Gigi.  Chris was soaking up the final rays of Naples, FL so he missed our orchard spree.
 Here is the main reason we braved the crisp Fall air that afternoon.  Homemade HOT donuts.  There were a dozen.  They lasted 12 hours.  I think I single handled took down 8 of them.  Judge me.
 The best sibling photo I could get.  In case you're wondering, Lakin picked out her outfit.
 The sweater.  I know.  It's almost too much.
 Papa and Gigi with the kids.  Again, one of the better in a series of one thousand.
 And this here is a real gem.  He just learned to wave.

 We should have taken Ben to the bushels of mini pumpkins from the start.  He was in baby boy heaven moving pumpkins from one basket to another, pausing to briefly give them each an open mouth kiss.  His immunity system is going to be amazing.  I am confident of this.
 Lakin was having a blast helping Gigi pick out mini pumpkins to take home.

And finally, evidence that I was present at this outing.  Thanks, Dennis, for snapping a photo for me.  Momtographers sometimes get left out.  #momproblems #dslr #stuffyoudontcareabout

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