Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Brilliant Plan

This year we're doing something a little special on Monday mornings.  We've started a home preschool playgroup and we rotate which mom hosts each week.  This last Monday it was my turn.  My objective: teach the letter F to my fine preschool pupils.

With the help of Pinterest and Google I came up with a few fun activities for the girls.

When the girls first arrived we walked the letter F which I taped out with painter's tape on the floor.  Good thing we did this activity first since Ben ripped it right off the floor the instant he discovered it.

We then moved upstairs for some Letter Practice.  I demonstrated writing the letter F while the girls watched and each took a turn on the chalkboard.  The results were interesting.

 Online I printed some letter practice sheets.  With the exception of one friend, all the girls were totally not into the worksheets.  There was a lot more attention to the color of the firetruck than to tracing letter F.

Next we read Fancy Nancy for a little transition.  Lakin loves the Fancy Nancy books and they really build sophisticated vocabulary, as well as, make you laugh.

After our story time, we moved to the dining room to do a little craft.  I used a die cut from school to make a large fish and the girls practiced gluing by putting colorful scales (scraps of paper cut small) on the fish.

We took a tiny break and read from our Jesus Storybook Bible.  Our focus was on God's forgiveness.  I had a little craft with our verse and we made flowers out of cupcake liners.  No pictures of this because it went over like a lead balloon. Win some, lose some.

By this time the children were restless and eager for snack.  We had fruit salad and to incorporate a little learning I had them assemble their own fruit salad by giving them a number for each fruit to put in their bowl.  So they had 5 blueberries, 4 banana slices, 3 grapes, 2 pineapple chunks and 1 strawberry.  

Our final organized activity was stations.  Two girls sorted pom poms into the appropriate colored bowl.

Two girls practiced cutting with foam and childproof scissors.

 And then the last center was at our sliding glass door.  I found these window clings in the dollar bin at Target, I encouraged them to place them on the window to create an ocean scene.

Those activities pretty much filled our two hour play date.

Ben wanted to be right in the middle of all the action.  I ended up putting him down for a nap since he was really fussy from constantly being removed from the girl's activities.  He cried a bit from his crib and all the girls kept saying, "Poor Bennett, poor Bennett."  Such little mommies.

Annie gets after the rainbow fish.

Adelyn was very proficient at the gluing.  She always focuses really well during craft time.

Halle and Lakin share a love of accessories.

Sweet Annabelle with the smile of her momma.

 Lakin refining her cutting skills.

I have loved having these Mondays for Lakin to play and practice her letters, as well as, a little alone time with Ben and opportunity to get errands ran or clean house.  For each time I host, there are four other times I just drop off and have two hours with my boy by himself.  It's a pretty sweet gig.


  1. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You fit that all into two hours?! Color me impressed. Surprised? No. But impressed.