Monday, November 18, 2013

Child, go to sleep.

I have been taking some heat from my dad for not posting more blogs.  So, I'm sitting down and writing.  All my offspring are in their respective corners sleeping or pretending to sleep but really dragging every single article of clothing out of each dresser drawer while still obeying the "stay in bed during rest time" rule.  Note to self: move dresser out of oldest child's room.

So anyway, let's talk about sleep.

My little Lakin love does not seem to need as much as her mother.  She has politely given up the afternoon nap.  I am MOURNING the loss of the two hour stretch of sleep I used to be able to count on.  That is when I clean, plan, peruse the interwebs....ahem.  Afternoon nap time is as much for mommas as it is for littles.  So we still mandate rest time but it is not nearly as restful for me since there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth from the confined child.

One might think, hey if she's not sleeping during the day, maybe she's sleeping longer in the morning.  One would be wrong.   No nap AAAAANNNDDDD waking up before the sun.  Like a couple hours before the sun.  Lakin is up and playing by 6 am most mornings and there are times when I see a light on downstairs as early as 5:30 am.  I put a digital clock in her room and told he she must stay in her room until the first number reads 6.  She also may not ask for breakfast until the first number reads 7.  She watches the clock and the second it ticks to 6:01 she's upstairs, playing and waiting by my bedroom door for me to emerge.  And at 7:01 Lake is begging for her hot meal.  No matter if I'm getting out of the shower, brushing my teeth or saying a prayer to Jesus.  She takes me quite literally on those times and is not interested in waiting any longer.  "A promise is a promise, Mommy."  Silver lining: someone is quickly learning to tell time.

I just don't know how she keeps going.  The other day she fell asleep under the dining room table in the middle of playing.  Someday Lakin will long to sleep in the middle of the day snuggled under cozy blankets without a care in the world.  At that point, she'll have her own little precocious toddler who is desperate to stay awake and willing to sing fifty rounds of Comin' Round the Mountain in order to do so.  Cuz little Lakin, what goes around, comes around.  Right, Mom?

Praise the Lord that Bennett still enjoys a little shut eye everyday.  Cuz only thing worse than one kid giving up the nap is both.  A.MEN.

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  1. thank you for the blog post - love the monkey butt