Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween snaps

Princess Lakin with her glow wand throwing magic in my face. 

Lakin invited herself right inside our dear neighbors' homes. No personal boundaries, that one. 

Lake and Audrey hug in anticipation of all the "candeeee" they are about to collect. 

Our fearless crew. This is our third Halloween together. Audrey, Jess, Cora, Caleb, Lakin, Aaron, and Ben. 
Little dude kept up with the big kids, ripped his way through a Kit Kat wrapper and warmed the hearts of many. 

Molly was a real peach to come along, hold hands with wayward children and distract crying toddlers with glow sticks. Of you don't have a Molly in your life, get one. 

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