Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some Special People

Guys, the other day we dined out with one of our favorite Rochester families.  The Shuperts have become like surrogate family to us in this season where our biological family is a day's drive away.

Amanda was home from Chicago for a long weekend and we were finally able to find a time to go out and celebrate Miss Cathy's 29th birthday. ;)

Miss Nancy, mom to Miss Cathy, has been in Rochester since this summer and she has been so sweet to Lakin and Ben.  In fact, I think Ben has a little crush on Miss Nancy.  He giggles at the sound of her voice and easily favors her over every other lady in his life.  He's going to be devastated when she returns home to Michigan in a couple weeks.

Olive Garden was the perfect spot for us all to dine and catch up.

Here's a couple of photos we snapped to commemorate the afternoon.

The Jaeger family is so thankful for your friendship, Cathy,  Nancy and Amanda.

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