Monday, November 25, 2013

taking a stab ...

... in the world of fashion blogging.

inspired by this Instagram feed...

and this hilarious blog...

I decided to bust out my tripod and attempt a little fashion blog post.

 Bennett was all kinds of interested.

 If there's one thing I know, it's that fashion bloggers look down a lot, they often appear sad or contemplative and they never look at the camera.
 This is not your typical fashion blog post.
 Attempting the stance.  But feeling all kinds of ridiculous.
 Bennett's photobomb is epic.  I should make a coffee table book of all Ben's bombs over the last year- there are that many.
 Lakin was assisting at the tripod and hitting the shutter.  She wanted her own fashion pic as well.  I'd say she nailed it.

On Sara
plaid button down ... Old Navy (old)
pink sweater ... Old Navy (current)
necklace ... Banana Republic (clearance)
Jeans ... Target (old)

On Lakin
striped dress ... Old Navy (old)
socks ... (Smartwool)
bow ... handmade by my mom

This was a nice change from my fleece pull over and yoga pants.  That's my regular uniform.  ;) 

Watch out, this girl knows how to use a tripod.  This opens the door wide for all kinds of wonderful photo opportunities featuring yours truly.  Stay tuned until next time ...

My apologies for the gross overuse of the ellipses punctuation ... I couldn't help myself. 


  1. I am cracking up laughing. Thanks for the Monday morning entertainment.