Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 Recap

 Our turkey was smoked this year.
 Chris with his fellow residents and friends, Daniel & Alonso.  They were keeping watch over the turkey fryer.  Also feasted on sweet potato fries and jalapeño poppers thanks to the fryer.  I mean, why not?
 Bringing the turkey in for inspection and cooling.
 God bless this bird who sacrificed so we could be thankful.
 This is how Minnesotans do bundled.  Daniel, Casey & Issac model how to stay fashionably warm.
 A nip in the air was not about to stop the guys from playing some street football.  Even Ben got in on the action.
 You die, right?
 10 minutes outside and this guy was not having it.  Little man gets ANGRY when he's cold.
Even gloves couldn't refresh his mood.  He went back to the warm and cozy house to wait on Thanksgiving goodies.

 Lakin curled right up with Mrs. Hoffman for some reading.  Issac was very interested in the story.
 Photo of us all getting after the meal.  It was fantastic.  Much better than last year's frozen pizza.
We napped, watched football and took turns entertaining Ben and Lakin.

If we can't be with family on Thanksgiving, the next best thing is our friend family.  Thanks, Casey and Daniel, for hosting all of us.

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