Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekend Update with Sara J.

I don't promise that these photos will be quality.  All were snapped with my phone, while on the go, with the world's squirmiest kids. End disclaimer.

This weekend we hit the road to Minneapolis to stay at the "Mayo Clinic" apartment as Lakin so lovingly refers to it.  

 Friday night we took the kids out for a meal at Pizza Luce.  Pictured is their Greek pizza.  It was all kinds of yum.  Both children were wonderfully behaved.  Who knew?
 Saturday morning we were out the door by 8 and stopped at The Urban Bean for some coffee for the "growed ups." Lakin waits patiently.  Ben (not pictured) cried frantically from his stroller seat disturbing all the single hipsters there for meditation and studying.  We got our coffee and scrammed.  I sometimes miss having: coffee shop, as my only weekend agenda.  Another day.  When the kids are grown and gone...

Moving on, we went back to Isles Bun and Coffee for their Puppy Dog Tails (which Lakin thought equally absurd and hilarious a name) and to meet up with our friend, Melissa.  No pictures were taken because we were busy scarfing our cinnamon roll sticks and appeasing Ben when the cinnamon roll was all gone.  He no happy.
 After our 1,000 calorie breakfast we walked down to The Walker for their free kids event.  Lakin was able to make ink street art with cardboard.
 Ben was able to lick glue sticks when I wasn't looking.

 As you can see in the below picture, Lakin's street art is raw and emotional.
 There was a silent, artsy film playing.  We stopped to climb the viewing stairs a few thousand times.
 Finally, Ben was not crying.  Hot stuff sitting all the way at the top.

 A rare snuggle moment...
 A few staged giggles...
 And back to biznaz as usual: climbing the stairs over and over.  Excuse the quality of this image.  Getting Ben any more in focus is almost impossible.
 Lakin and I attended an improv show.  She actually sat well through the entire production which means we can hit the movies any time we want!
 Kids were invited to tell jokes on stage.  Lakin walked right down and got in line.  She's the tiniest one on the end.
 This was so adorable.  I practically sat in some lady in the front row's lap to get picture and video of this.  Heaven help us at her upcoming Christmas program cause I'm sure I'll be a crazed mommarazzi.
 Ben did a lot of running around without pants on once we got back to the apartment.  He was on a rampage this weekend, dragging out every hidden item in the place.  Apartment living would be tricky with this guy.
 Sunday morning we picked up coffee from the city's best coffee shop, Bull Run Coffee.  It was, not to be overly dramatic, THE BEST VANILLA LATTE I have ever consumed.  Oh my word.
 Ben was grumpy.  Something about having to ride in a stroller, wear a coat, waiting for Dad to get coffee, sit in the chair, not climb on the tables... you know the usual things that make us all angry.
 The world is Lakin's playground.  Climbing through the bike racks.
 Blurry coffee cup photo with Fall scene in background.  SO sad I didn't nail this, it was destined for Instagram greatness.
 With coffee in hand we hiked it to the chain of Lakes for breakfast at Rustica.  Another make you want to die on the spot place.  This is the egg and bacon sandwich.  We split it and a croissant.... aaaand a cheese pastry.  Between the four of us.  Then we walked a lot.  Quit judging.
 Park time.  Next to the lake.  With the perma-paci boy.
 Lakin played at the park with a little girl.  They quickly bonded and there were almost tears when her new friend had to go home.  Here's a little known fact about our family as of late... we are always on the verge of tears.  Always.
  Ben commanding the ship.
This is how we all felt as we made the hike back to the apartment.  It was a ton of fun.  We were ready to put on sweats, drink a glass of wine (for all of legal age) and watch the Chiefs do their thang.  The babes slept through most of the game and Chris and I balanced our checkbook in between plays.  We wild like that.

Hope your weekend was lovely as well.

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