Friday, December 20, 2013

The 2013 Christmas Card

I was so excited to create a Christmas card this year with some of my newly learned Photoshop skills.
It was a labor of love and I really was happy with how the card turned out.  Chris checked it multiple times and even help write the back of the card.  We ordered a few copies for review and then sent it for a final printing.

That's when I saw the typo.  I'm not going to tell you where it is, so as to not tarnish the magic of the Christmas card.  :) But I was a bit devastated.  I'm so not a perfectionist but little things like typos on my Christmas card really bum me out.  They eat away at me and cause unneeded stress.  I was really making myself sick over the teeny tiny mistake I'd made.

But you guys, the point of the card is to wish those we love a merry Christmas.  To give them an update and let them know we're thinking about them.  Mission accomplished.

So this Christmas my cards have a typo.  My Christmas tree stands at a crooked angle.  All my valuable ornaments are broken or stored away.  Baby Jesus went missing from the nativity the day after Thanksgiving.  But my home is filled with magic and wonder and giggles and joy.  Sometimes I'm blinded by my need for perfection that I forget to see the beauty in the imperfect that is right before me.

Mary's Christmas was far from perfect.  Sister gave birth in a stable, among the animals, without a stylish birthing gown and a kickin' birthing playlist.  That first Christmas was a disaster by the world's standards.  But the beauty lies not in the elaborate tablescapes, clever Elf on the shelf scenes, fancy Christmas cards, clean floors, homemade hot chocolate and the shiniest gifts under the tree.  It was in the simple fact that God came to earth.  He chose to do so as a sweet, vulnerable baby.  To a young, scared teenager.  In a dirty stable.  God has a way of taking the ugly, the sick, the needy, the broken and making it beautiful, giving it value, and restoring it's true nature.

Merry Christmas.  May you see His beauty among your mess this holiday season.  

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  1. I love reading your blog from time to time Sara! It is always reminding me of what's truly important. And how much harder you have it than me with your husband being gone all the time!

    The Christmas card is awesome--I'm so impressed with your photoshop skills! Maybe next Xmas you can make mine. :)