Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Best Christmas Pageant EVER

So Lakin was in a little production.  NBD (no big deal).  It was her school's Christmas program and it was so adorable I almost exploded.  They paraded about seventy kids onto risers and told the nativity story with songs and motions.  It was every bit as cute as you are imagining.  The children were never together in the songs, so each one was sung in unintentional rounds.  Every so often a random kid would call out and wave to their parents.  The momarazzi was snapping photos with their mighty DSLRs like they were catching a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence at the Olive Garden.  Epic.  Tears.  Powerful.

 I anticipated crowds so I got the kids to the program thirty minutes early.  Ben plucked off about ten ornaments in the wait period.  I breathlessly replaced them only to discover him around the back side of the giant tree of temptation reeking havoc.  It was a game of skill and speed.  Ben won.  He always does.
 Here's Lakin waving as she marched into the sanctuary.  She saw Chris and exclaimed, "Daddy, you're here!"
 The kiddies give their parents a wave.  Cue a million camera shutters now.
 I have conveniently placed an arrow so as to designate the location of our sweet caroler.  Giving us a wave.  Love the parental thumbs up down below.
 And here she is throwing her hands up cuz the ceiling can't hold her.
And finally, before we left, I requested a sweet holiday photo in front of the tree.  This is what I got.

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