Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Carnival

You know, for all it's cold and snow, this city makes up for some of their weather ills with fun, winter-themed activities.  One of our favorite holiday traditions (if you do something twice, does it constitute as a tradition?) is the Mayo Winter Carnival.  We attended last year with a two-year-old and a tiny baby.  This year was more hectic, but more magical, since both children could enjoy all the activities.  It meant running from one end of the gymnasium to the other to make sure someone had eyes of each kid at all times.  But it was well worth the extra effort and it really wore the kids out so nap time was epic that afternoon.  Always a bonus!

 Ben was very into the Tasmanian Devil bean bag toss.

 His little friend, McKinley, was at the carnival too.  The two friends did a little parallel play.
 If you are considering getting a gift for Ben, all he really wants is a bucket and something to fill it.  That game can easily entertain for hours.
 He might have a hoarding issue.  Jury's still out but the evidence seems to support.
 We were the parents that let the one-year-old into the bouncy house.  Ben LOVED being in there.  Eventually though, there were so many older kids bouncing that he could never stand back up and get his balance so he sat there giggling while the children's bouncing sent him sailing.  No fear, that one.  Eventually Dad braved the bounce house and carried Ben out.
 Lake's favorite part of the carnival was the bounce house.  She spent most of her time inside there.
 The Harts came and sweet Claire was content to watch her older sister bounce.

 McKinley also sat out the whole bounce house thing and instead rearranged orange cones for a good half hour.

Santa always makes an appearance at the carnival.  Lakin would not go within two feet of him last year.  This year she crawled right up on his lap.  Someone else was a little less excited...

 This is the stuff of memories, people.
 Daddy rescued Ben and Lakin took a photo with Santa by herself.
 Lakin likes to avoid looking at the camera so as to make for an awkward photo.
 every. single. time.
 There was crafting and glue eating.
 Annie was working on a wicked awesome Christmas train.
 Lakin was focused.  Pink marker saw a lot of use that morning.
 Despite trying to steer her in other directions, Lakin discovered an opportunity for some face paint.  So she went home with a candy cane on her cheek.  Am I the only mother who cringes at the sight of a face painting booth?  Call me a kill joy...
 Ben hung out at the cheap carnival games, taking the random balls from each game and moving them to the far corners of the gym.  He was in little boy heaven.
 That plaid shirt.  I cannot.  There are no words.  Scrumptious.
 Annie rocks the bean bag toss.
 Lakin take a turn...
 ...and nails it.  Nice follow through, girl.

 McKinley and her daddy.  She was really working hard to power through without her morning nap.  You go girl.

 Kamber and Steve are friends of ours through the Urology department.  They're relocating to St. Louis.   We know just the crew to warmly embrace them once they get there.  I've already informed all involved parties of their inevitable future best friend status.
And this family... leaving us this year too.  We love you, Hart family.  Thanks for braving another winter carnival with us.

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