Tuesday, January 28, 2014

my little threenager

Oh Lakin, what it must be like to be three.  Life is constantly emotional.  From the exhilaration of pouring your own bowl of cereal to the devastation of discovering there is no school due to cold temps yet again.  You have never seen devastation until you've broke the news that preschool is canceled to a three year old.  Life.  Ending.  Now.

Just this morning you came up to our bedroom with a blanket dragging behind you.  You wanted to climb into our bed play on Dad's iPad.  Seeing you with your bed head and footed pajamas made me cherish the slow mornings of snuggles and games. But watching you blast numbers, match letters and navigate an iPad with ease and comfort, I realize you're growing up. You still need kisses when you fall, support when you try something new and reassurance that you're going to be okay throughout the day.  But you fight for independence and responsibility, you challenge nap time and other things you've deemed as childish.  You are so young and growing so fast.

I am working on remembering just how small you are, and at the same time, how big.  I suppose that will be something I'll struggle to grasp the rest of your life.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tea Party Like it's 2014

Lakin and Gigi love to have tea parties.  They've thrown some epic ones.  Each party gets a bit more elaborate.  The planning typically goes on for days, there's lots of hushed whispers and giggles and they think of ways to make their tea extra fancy.  This last time we were home they threw the most elaborate tea to date.

All guests had royal attire.
 The invitations were super fancy.  (P.S. Bennett really slacked on his part of the party planning, he's lucky they still included him as a host on the invitation.)
 We feasted on homemade scones, shortbread cookies and cheese sandwiches in special shapes.

 Gigi polished her antique silver tea pot and let us use their fine china dishes.
Lakin was the official sugar cube dispenser.

What a sweet memory from our trip.  Tea anyone?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our KC New Years Trip: The Photo Dump

We headed to KC to spend New Years with our family and friends.  

Below is an obscene amount of photos from the trip.  
 This little winter scene would sing and dance.  It was a hit for the kids and a headache for the adults.

 We went to Crown Center one morning and met our friends, Bonnie and Tom and their two boys, down there.  The kids played in Santa's play land and we enjoyed the most sinfully delicious sandwiches from d'Bronx.

 Everett decided to check out the fountain and our cold playtime quickly came to an end.  It was freezing that day.  Poor E!
 After a few days at my parents we moved over to Chris' parents' house.  

 Dennis and I are the family memory keepers.

 Gigi and the kids made scones for our tea party.  More on that in another post.

So good to enjoy a week off and time with our friends and family back home.  We returned just in time for the deep freeze.