Tuesday, January 28, 2014

my little threenager

Oh Lakin, what it must be like to be three.  Life is constantly emotional.  From the exhilaration of pouring your own bowl of cereal to the devastation of discovering there is no school due to cold temps yet again.  You have never seen devastation until you've broke the news that preschool is canceled to a three year old.  Life.  Ending.  Now.

Just this morning you came up to our bedroom with a blanket dragging behind you.  You wanted to climb into our bed play on Dad's iPad.  Seeing you with your bed head and footed pajamas made me cherish the slow mornings of snuggles and games. But watching you blast numbers, match letters and navigate an iPad with ease and comfort, I realize you're growing up. You still need kisses when you fall, support when you try something new and reassurance that you're going to be okay throughout the day.  But you fight for independence and responsibility, you challenge nap time and other things you've deemed as childish.  You are so young and growing so fast.

I am working on remembering just how small you are, and at the same time, how big.  I suppose that will be something I'll struggle to grasp the rest of your life.

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