Friday, January 17, 2014

Tea Party Like it's 2014

Lakin and Gigi love to have tea parties.  They've thrown some epic ones.  Each party gets a bit more elaborate.  The planning typically goes on for days, there's lots of hushed whispers and giggles and they think of ways to make their tea extra fancy.  This last time we were home they threw the most elaborate tea to date.

All guests had royal attire.
 The invitations were super fancy.  (P.S. Bennett really slacked on his part of the party planning, he's lucky they still included him as a host on the invitation.)
 We feasted on homemade scones, shortbread cookies and cheese sandwiches in special shapes.

 Gigi polished her antique silver tea pot and let us use their fine china dishes.
Lakin was the official sugar cube dispenser.

What a sweet memory from our trip.  Tea anyone?

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  1. This is over the top! What a super grandma Gigi is!