Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baby Steps : A Bit About Noonday Collection

So yesterday I shared with you that God has been moving.

I need less.

I want to give more.

Where I spend my money matters just as much as how I spend it.

So, like I mentioned, when God reveals, He typically asks for action.

Enter my friend, Bethany - Noonday Ambassador.  One morning I was at a play date at Bethany's house sharing with her some of my most recent revelations and convictions.  Bethany is one of the beautiful ambassadors for Noonday Collection.  In fact, I have been invited on two different occasions to her Noonday Trunk shows.  Both times I made up a lame excuse and stayed home because there are few things I hate more in this world than attending a direct sales party in some one's home and feeling pressure to buy whatever product is being sold.  Because, as discussed earlier, I am cheap.  I like to buy things cheaply.  I hate sales pressure.  I am a bad friend.

But Noonday is not hawking personalized bags in every possible size and print.  They are not trying to stock my kitchen with millions of gadgets - they have a much bigger mission than the product they sell.  Noonday is attempting to provide a means of income for women across the globe to alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship.

"Noonday Collection uses fashion and design to create economic opportunity for vulnerable people throughout the world.

At the heart of Noonday’s approach to empowerment and impact is job creation. Your purchases create sustainable and dignified work for over one thousand artisans around the globe.

At Noonday, we love to find ways to care for our artisans and their families. We strive to support them both directly and through partner organizations by providing zero interest loans, school scholarships, emergency assistance, and business development training."  -

Bethany listened to all my thoughts, convictions, and questions about what this looks like?  This "being a responsible consumer."  

Then she asked me to host a trunk show.  

I started sweating.  

And then I said yes.  

So, next Friday I am praying that many of my Rochester friends will gather in my basement to learn more about Noonday Collection.  Not so they can acquire cute accessories.  Although, EVERYTHING made by the Noonday artisans is Ah-mazing.  I'm not hosting the party so I can earn free jewelry.  I simply want to start the dialogue.  I want to share what it looks like to purchase from an ethical company.  It's a baby step.  If no one buys anything it will still be a huge success.  Because knowledge is power.  

If you are interested in supporting Noonday Collection with your purchase please head on over and find something for a beautiful woman in your life.  And if you find a little something for yourself, that's okay too.  :)

I am eagerly anticipating this gathering of friends.  I love an opportunity to drink wine, eat good food and dream about making some kind of a difference in this world.  Hopefully, I'll see you there.  

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  1. Yes. Yes. YES!!!!! So excited you are hosting for Noonday. Some of my favorites in the adoption world are ambassadors. It is amazing. And I've never bought a noonday piece I didn't love. Praying right now God uses your show for his glory!!!