Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Year and a Half: Bennett Brand

Little dude is a year and a half.  We have loved seeing more of personality surface as he's grown.  A few things we've noticed about our once laid back little baby boy....

Ben is nothing short of persistent.  I have come thisclose to removing all the dining room chairs, stools, baskets, tupperware, you name it, from the house.  He moves all these things around the house to climb on whatever he pleases.  He laughs in the face of danger, scaling the dining room table, climbing the countertops, and sometimes even attempting to climb the walls.  He always has a new battle wound from his fearlessness; it adds to his charm. I say a silent prayer every morning when I get him out of his crib that the Lord would keep us away from the ER.  Ben's favorite danger move is stacking toys in front of the hutch so that his face can be inches from the TV screen.  This always results in a fall.  Which always results in tears.  But minutes later, he can be found stacking the same set of toys and attempting to climb them.

He communicates in a sophisticated system of grunts and pointing.  He knows a few words and will use them in extreme moments of desperation.  But I've learned many of his preferences and even can differentiate his grunts.  Baby sign language?  Unnecessary.  Your baby will make up their own form of communication.  Ben just learned how to say please.  He needs to reminded to use it, but we're making baby steps toward conversation.

When he's not grunting he's speaking in his own language of gibberish.  When he finally does get his words, this boy's going to have a lot to say.  ALWAYS. MAKING.NOISE.  My favorite is the jibberish songs he sings.  He sings at the dinner table, in his car seat and before bedtime.  It's precious.

Ben loves to play with his cars, line them up and drive them all around the house.  He has also given new use to the Lego table I made Lakin two Christmases ago.  I now find Duplos all over the house and cars under every piece of furniture.  He's finally into books.  If the mood catches him right, he'll retreat to his room and look at books for a long time.  It's usually cause for concern when I haven't heard him crashing around in a while but when I seek him out, he's quietly and contently looking at his books.  We then accidentally make eye contact and the books are abandoned and he is reminded of his desperate need to be held by his mother.  It is for this reason, I need a video baby monitor.  That and the crazy antics his sister is up to during her daily "rest" time.  So make that a double video baby monitor.

He makes me laugh.  All the time.  We love this little guy and all the energy and humor he brings to our lives.

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