Monday, March 10, 2014

"Hey Brawder" Translation: "Hey Brother"

By total accident I was attempting to upload some photos and found these gems!  Chris and David.  Such little buddies.  I can only pray that Lakin and Ben will have a friendship like these two.  I know it wasn't all roses and kittens growing up.  They had their fair share of sibling stuff.  But David is now Chris' best friend.  These two text incessantly; inside jokes from their childhood, teen and adult years.  They toasted one another at their weddings.  It's the kind of love a parent prays earnestly to see her children know for one another.

I can only hope God has something this sweet for our kids.

Dear Jesus, may Bennett be the one Lakin texts every.single.time she indulges in a shamrock shake.  And may Lakin receive a photo text of the man with the bottomless chaps when Ben happens to walk past him on a European street.  -Amen

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  1. Sara--You make me laugh; you make me cry. They made me laugh; they made me cry. They still do! Parenthood--the sweetest thing on earth. I pray with you.