Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Party Time: a Recap from the Noonday Trunk Show

Guys, I love my Rochester people.  I do.  They show up.  They rock.  They are straight up amazing.

Last Friday a dozen women drove from their warm homes, on snow packed roads, to come hear about Noonday Collection and an opportunity to lift artisans out of a life of poverty.

The evening was so fun, the jewelry was beautiful and the spirit of generosity and love was abundant.

Bethany did an amazing job casting the Noonday vision and friends drank wine, ate goodies and played dress up.  Host a trunk show.  You won't regret inviting friends into your home to hear about Noonday and their artisans.  Such a great evening.

Here are some photos from the party.

 After most of the guests had left, I realized I forgot to capture any photos of my friends enjoying themselves.  Sara and Carli were willing to stage a few photos for the sake of the dear blog readers.

 Bethany doing the accounting from the party.  We laughed that this was the only time in the evening when she was not wearing jewelry.

 So we quickly fixed that...

 ... and took a photo to commemorate this awesome evening!

 and maybe a few more...

 ... for good measure.

If you saw something you love, you can purchase Noonday online.

This is step one in my journey to becoming a more informed and responsible consumer.

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  1. IT'S ALL FOR THE BLOG! This was seriously so fun <3 Well done.