Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lakin says

While watching a Jared jewelry commercial and eating her breakfast: 
"Mom, dad could get you some jewels. And when I'm older, he could get me some jewels." 
Brilliant. Just brilliant, Lakie. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014: In Photos

 We began this Easter celebration like any other, with a little egg dying to get us in the festive mood.
 Ben was shooting lasers into Lakin since she was the first one to use the egg dye.  Second child problems.  By the way, if looks could kill, Ben would have wiped the planet clean by now... or at least our neck of the woods.  He can mug.  Man, can he mug.
 What's that you say, you've never used a whisk to dye Easter eggs?  Me either, but thanks to Pinterest, our fingers stayed clean.  Except for my fingers, which had to free Easter eggs from the whisk prison.  Still... nailed it.

 Just a little tantrum to celebrate the Risen Lord.  Nothing to see here, nothing to see.

 His most flattering photo to date.  Telling me, very clearly to STOP taking the picture.  But I kept on clicking away because... memories.
 So, eggs were not his thing.  As he slammed them into the dye filled cups and stuck his entire hand into the glitter I decided to cut my losses and let him scribble and eat markers instead.  
 Easter morning Chris was on call and went in early for rounds.  We met him at church, came home to bake a little grub for our brunch and opened Easter baskets.  Lakin found this honeybee dress from her two year photos and discovered it still fit!  She looked so adorable in it.  This was before a little strawberry juice dripped on it and it had to be ripped off her body and replaced with another dress of similar caliber (pictured later).

 Baskets were filled with all kind of fun goodies from the Target dollar spot.  Lakin loves these little workbooks.  Fills them with a million little happy faces.
 Bennett received an ambitious 100 piece puzzle in his basket.  I'm sure he'll get it put together real soon.  In the meantime, he loves to fling the pieces to the far corners of the room.

 My parents sent a few Easter goodies.  My mom had color coded Easter eggs to designate the kids' gifts because she is awesome.
 Lacing cards for Lakin from Grandma and Grandpa.  These are the sweetest little cards.  They have kept her independently busy for several minutes at a time.  Keeper!
 Reasons why my toddler is crying: I'm not opening his package fast enough.  Hard life.

 A sweet wooden puzzle for Bennett from Grandma and Grandpa.  He loves it, all modes of transportation represented are called, "Choo." Which is so adorable that I just go with it.  Why crush his confidence?  Right?

Later in the afternoon we went to one of Chris' co-workers homes for some Easter supper.  It was beautiful weather and the kids played in backyard and had the best time.  It was a mandatory bath night when we returned home but so good to see them get fresh air and play with their little friends in the dirt.

Here is Ben giving Isla a hug.  She's less into it.  Understandable.  Stickers were lovingly placed on Bennett's back by his sister while they waited in the entryway for me to load the car.  He cried while she chased him and stuck the stickers all over his back.  That which doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger, right Bennett?

 Isla looking lovely in her sweet Easter dress.
 Lakin in fancy dress #2 on the tree swing.
 Asher pausing for a photo op.
 Kelly helped set up the massive egg hunt for the kids.
 Isla shows her momma the egg she found.
 Lakin put her game face on, sometimes body checking smaller children, in order to grab a hidden egg.  She cleaned house.  No mercy from that one.  None.
 Lakin and Ben knew that the candy was going to be removed from their grubby paws at any moment so they attempted to scavenge and eat as much as they could before their mother redistributed their eggs to the smaller children.
 More survival tactics.  Loading their mouths with candy and whatever else they could find.
 Attempt #1 at a group pic with all the kids.  As you can see, it went over well.
Attempt #2.  Ah, yes, much better.

The urology department keeps Rochester populated.   End story.

Hope your Easter was full of wonderful moments.  We were thankful to celebrate Jesus with so many good friends.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Five things you should know about Ben...

1. He loves this orange vest.  Gets real particular about how far it's zipped and carries it around the house until someone will help him put it on.  Ben be orange vest looks goooood.
2. He calls me, "Ma."  It's precious.  Of course, he also calls Cathy and Chris this too.  But I hope he never stops calling me, "Ma."  
3. Loves his Easter eggs.  Loves to open them.  Cries when he can't put them back together...and repeat, repeat, repeat.  Hours of entertainment.
4. He calls balloons, "Boons"  which I think is better than fully pronouncing the word and vow to never correct him.
5. He knows no greater thrill than holding his cup to the water dispenser and filling his cup.  It is RIVETING.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


This never happens. Never. But I'm not complaining today. Ben, you are becoming such a big boy. I will cling to all the baby you have left in you.  

The Lou

Last weekend we packed up the family and visited our good friends in St. Louis.  Matt and Carly and John and Kayla share a backyard and much of their lives.  It's how my heart wants to live in community with friends.  It was so good to be with these dear friends, to love their kids - whom I have loved from a distance- and to watch Lakin and Ben create ties to these families that have such a special place in their parents' hearts.

A couple of photos from our cookie making venture.  A note: Carly is the source of the best chocolate chip cookie EVA.  She taught Chris all he knows.  We owe her our lives.  Literally.