Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Five things you should know about Ben...

1. He loves this orange vest.  Gets real particular about how far it's zipped and carries it around the house until someone will help him put it on.  Ben be orange vest looks goooood.
2. He calls me, "Ma."  It's precious.  Of course, he also calls Cathy and Chris this too.  But I hope he never stops calling me, "Ma."  
3. Loves his Easter eggs.  Loves to open them.  Cries when he can't put them back together...and repeat, repeat, repeat.  Hours of entertainment.
4. He calls balloons, "Boons"  which I think is better than fully pronouncing the word and vow to never correct him.
5. He knows no greater thrill than holding his cup to the water dispenser and filling his cup.  It is RIVETING.

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