Thursday, July 31, 2014

Before Bed...

Ben is CRRRAZY right before bed.  He and Lakin run laps through the kitchen and living room and wrestle until giggling leads to the inevitable tear.   This night the kittens had just been bathed.  Nothing winds the kids up more than a bath.  Seriously, sometimes baths undo me.  There's the chasing of naked, slippery wet children throughout the house and the pleading to get dressed and let me lotion them.  Followed by the clean up of a massive flood on the bathroom floor.  Aren't baths supposed to be calming?

Also, Ben's been wearing his over sized Mizzou t-shirt to bed.  I just adore.

In other news, Bennett needs a haircut.  The mullet is long enough to blow a little in the wind.

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