Monday, July 28, 2014

It's My Party, and I'll Cry if I Want To...

So, when you're four, things can get a bit emotional... FAST.  Saturday we had a little birthday party for Lakin.  She had four other little girls over for the morning to play and eat donuts.  The time leading up to the party Lakin was bouncing off the walls in excitement for her friends to arrive.  We'd picked up a bunch of balloons and Chris and Bennett ran out to get donuts that morning and Lakin was soaking in all the birthday glory.  Many times she reminded us that it was her birthday.  She was the special one.  According to Lakin, birthday girls can do whatever they want.  It was about this time that I could feel us veering into some dangerous diva territory but figured she'd calm down once her party started and her friends were around to distract her.

Enter her sweet friends.  Each little girl Lakin selected to invite was from different pockets of her social life so while she knew each guest very well, many of the girls were meeting for the first time.  For the first hour I let them play and it was very interesting to see her guests each choose something different to do and play.  We had three different games of imaginative play going on in three corners of the house.  Lakin was also asserting her birthday entitled bossiness and it wasn't sitting so well with her guests.  Chris and I figured maybe a donut and some present opening would help the girls all come together.

 Sweet Annabelle.  This girl's smile is contagious.
 Lakin and Emily.  This photo is classic.  Why can't my children make a normal face?  Am I to blame?
 Lakin lovingly dreaming of her sprinkle donut just before the birthday song.

 Bennett had himself a good ole time with his lady friends.  His favorite part of the morning was the donut.  Boy can eat.
 Cora girl.
 Donut demolition.
  It was silent for like 5 minutes.  Check out Ben scarfing in the background. 
Audrey was relieved the donuts had sprinkles.  I mean, is it a donut if there are no sprinkles?

 After a little sugar rush the girls had bonded and were ready for Lakin to open their presents.

 I thought it was precious how they all crowded around and were excited to tell Lakin about the gifts they'd chosen.  I used to be anti-gifts at birthday parties but I think there is something very important and special about choosing a gift for your friends.  

 One of Lakin's new gifts was a styling kit with blow dryer, hair straightener, perfume, curling iron, and lipstick.  The group played with this forever.  I was the first to take a seat in the "styling chair," but they each took a turn getting styled.

 I love how Bennett got in on the action.
 After everyone had been properly styled, the girls attempted a nice game of Candy Land.  Lakin had a fit when the game didn't go her way and had to spend a little birthday time out in her room, crying.  Minus a few hiccups, the party was a success.  All her guests graciously overlooked some of the birthday drama and I think everyone went home happy.

We're so thankful for the many friends Lakin has in her life.

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