Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Makeshift Birthday Celebration

It's my tradition to make second birthdays sub par.  It's what we do in our family.  Since Chris and I will be in Chicago on Ben's actual birthday we celebrated a couple days early.  Bennett is under the weather and has spent the good part of his days moping, randomly falling asleep on the couch and being grouchy.  So, naturally, we felt it a perfect opportunity to do our impromptu celebration.  Papa and Gigi saved the mediocre day with some Lighting McQueen cupcakes and in the end I think Ben perked up and enjoyed the moment.

Here are just a "few" photos of our elaborate party.

 Bennett's sentiment for most of the day.
 Upset about opening gifts.
 And realizing that gifts may not be too bad.

 Hugs for a new Kristoff doll.
 Mator and Queen bring an instant smile to his face.
 Monster machines coloring book for a quiet intermission.
 "Triens!  Triens!"

 Major love for Lightening McQueen.

 I think Ben was requesting that we open this.  Open!  Open!  Open!
 My parents sent along a gift for Lakin too.  A purple princess doll, which she loved.

 Can't even tell this boy was under the weather.  Give him some cake and gifts and he perks right up!

His very own Lightening McQueen cupcake.  Just what the doctor ordered.  

To see Lakin's mediocre 2nd birthday and for some uncanny similarities between our two at two years of age, click here.

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