Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ain't No Party Like a Noonday Party

Monday night I gathered with friends to view and try on the new Fall line from Noonday Collection.  Last February was my first Noonday Trunk Show and I have fallen in love with this company and their beautiful, hand-made accessories.

It was a perfect night to catch up, play dress up and indulge in some sweets all while learning more about how our purchase has power.  Companies with a conscience, like Noonday, are popping up all over making it easier for consumers to purchase ethically.

Noonday uses fashion and design to create economic opportunity for the vulnerable.  They are currently working with 28 different artisan groups in 10 different countries.  They employ 2,000 artisans and consequently are impacting 8,800 family members.  They provide the dignity of work and a fair wage, no-interest loans, scholarships, emergency assistance and long term trade for their artisans.  They do this by creating a marketplace for artisans allowing them a sustainable income and the ability to not only survive but to thrive!

Some party pics to showcase our evening:

 Cheese plate and desserts galore.
 Molly loving up on the Rustic Leather Tote.
 Molly thinking about having to set the Rustic Tote down and walk away from it.  DEVASTATED.
 Jen's enthusiasm is hard to match.
 Rachel trying on the Minted necklace (and rocking it like a boss).
 Some serious perusing of the goods.
 Cathy checking out the Helena necklace.  Too many pretties to choose from?
 Jennifer organized pieces based on the country of origin.  So lovely to see the different styles from each part of the world.
 Beautiful Marti is already a champion for women's rights.  She has founded Hope for Cambodia where people can shop local artisans to raise money for Cambodian teens to attend school, essentially keeping them off streets and out of brothels.  I was delighted to introduce her to Noonday since purchasing with purpose is clearly her jam.

 A reminder of the talented artisans who make Noonday happen.
 Love these women! Ellen, Casey, Molly and Sara

 Jennifer was showing a sneak peek of the upcoming Winter line - a first for Noonday.  Oct 9th all Minnesotans can get their warmth on while supporting Noonday. Mark those calendars.

 Carli came sporting her past Noonday purchases.
 Geri fell in love with the luxury line.
 An epic photo bomb from Casey.
 My ridiculously gorgeous friend, Erica, checking out the catalog.
 Decisions, decisions.
 Cara and Lucie studying the Look Book.
Alisa and Stephanie catch up during the party.

Thank you to all who were able to make it Monday!  It was a huge win to spend the evening with each of you.  Special thanks to my Ambassador, Jennifer Jensen, who perfectly articulated the mission of Noonday and reminded us that once we begin purchasing ethically we will have a hard time going back.

This trunk show will close Sunday.  If you weren't able to make it or live far away, no trouble, you can still check out Noonday online at

Oh, and in case you're curious... I'm debating between all these pieces.

How will I choose?  Open to input.


  1. I ordered the Kampala necklace at jennifer's party in august and I'm in love with it.

  2. SO FUN! I have to say seeing all those people I love at your house made me MISS it!! Wish I could have popped in. Much love!

  3. Such a fun party! Thanks for hosting!!