Monday, September 22, 2014


We did the pumpkin patch with some of our friends from Mayo.  I took a million photos.


You want to see?

Sure thing.

 It was a crisp day.  We arrived and immediately jumped in line with the tricycles.  Bennett and his dad were already there taking one for a test drive.
 My Bennett, who was grossly underdressed in shorts and a flannel shirt, (note all the hats and coats surrounding us from much more forward thinking, responsible parental units) took a moment to survey all the trike options before deciding that running out of the fenced-in area was more his speed.
 Isaac and Daniel working the bikes.  How is this boy old enough to ride one of these?
 Bennett attempting to get "candy" out of the chicken feed dispensers.
 Very characteristic of these two and their friendship.  Lakin needs sweet Annabelle in her life to remind her that minding manners and obeying adults is really the way to go.  Thanks Annabelle, for being a positive influence on our little firecracker.
 And this week on awkward friend moments...
 Some of my favorite Rochester kids.  Lined up for a photo.  Isaac, Isla, Annabelle, Lakin, Bennett and Bennett
 And one more for good measure.  Points for Isaac and the Bennetts for staying strong in your expressions.  Isla, I'm sorry I brought you so much distress.  Lakin, you are always clowning.
 The hat.  That's all.
 A tiny model.  Makes photos so easy.
 Nothing like climbing a mountain of tires.

 Ben loved the slide.
 The other Bennett didn't mind it much either.
 Super proud of Lakin for taking the slide like a boss.  Typically a slide of this magnitude would result in a bit of anxiety.

 Mom shot!  Erica, Me, Sara, Casey and Valerie.  So fun to spend with morning with you all and your little people.

 The Rivera family.  They've never taken a bad photo.  Ever.

 The little boys thought the hayride and tractor were pretty great.

 The Jaeger family.  A lifetime of bad photos.
I swear she had a good time.

And, if you're wondering, underneath Lakin's well-coordinated outfit is a purple one piece swimsuit.  Just in case.

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