Friday, September 5, 2014

Starting the Year Off Right - An Embarrassing Amount of Photos Documenting a Tiny Milestone AKA: My Specialty

Thursday was Lakin's first day of preschool.  Since we went last year, everything felt very familiar and old hat.  She did let me take a few pics of her before the drop off.

 Lakin is attending all day on Tuesday and Thursday.  Which means, most importantly, that she eats her lunch at school in lunch buddies.  This has been a dream of hers since last year.  You can you call me "The Dream Granter."

 Bennett wanted in on the first day photos.  He had to bring along a paper to hold too.

 Big sis gives little brother a pat on the shoulder, a word of advice...
 ... which is instantly rejected.

 Both kids - eyes closes.  At least they are consistent?

 A mother's enthusiasm can be overwhelming.
This photo is a metaphor for drop off day one.  Lakin casually walked into the classroom without so much as a goodbye or a glance back.  Next week she'll probably ask me to drop her off around the corner and down the block.

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