Monday, October 27, 2014

24 Weeks

Pregnancy is flying by and I'm doing a terrible job of documenting any of it.  We're currently 24 weeks in and Baby J is doing great.  Despite this photo above, which looks like I walk around with the back pain of an 82 year-old woman,  I'm feeling good and really pretty comfortable.  Even been hitting up a couple of classes at the RAC a couple times a week. I can't say my kick boxing is pretty, but I'm sticking it out until I simply can't do it any more.  You're welcome, fellow Kickin' It classmates.

Chris and I have begun the negotiations for Baby J's name.  Let me tell you, naming a person is a gigantic responsibility.  I've always thought myself a decisive person, but when it comes to naming offspring, I seem to like to keep all options open until forced by hospital staff to give a legal name for birth certificate documentation.  I bet it comes down to a game time decision this time around too.

Lakin and Bennett are really getting into the baby spirit and love to lift my shirt at inappropriate times to give the baby some acknowledgement.  Bennett is especially fond of giving her slobbery kisses from the outside.  It's adorable... until it's disgusting.  Lakin has been working on her own list of names which includes: Lakin, Paper and Sally.  All strong contenders.  I feel confident that once baby arrives she'll never know the luxury of her own personal space bubble.

There's lots of new babies in my life right now and holding them makes me so excited for her newborn smell and baby snuggles. I can't believe we've just hit the 6 month mark.  Little one will be here before we know it.  Welcome to crazy town, baby girl.  We're waiting for you.


  1. You're looking fabulous! So glad you are feeling good!

  2. Good Looking Paint Job on the Cabinet behind you.

  3. Good looking Baby Bump also. Love you and the baby girl.