Wednesday, October 8, 2014


We recently checked this book out from the library.

It's about a bossy ambitious big sister and her little brother.  When her kitty runs away, she turns her attention to her impressionable little brother who learns to dance, play piano and dress to impress under her direction and leadership.  We had the book in our house for four days and Lakin had the whole thing memorized.  Perhaps she felt it was like her memoir since she too, is always working on a young protégé.

The other day Lakin was doing time in time out when Ben decided to sit in solidarity with her at the end of the hallway.  Despite my efforts to make him scram he told me, "I do timeout." So if misery likes company, who am I to step in?  As Ben sat there and endured punishment with Lakin I heard her whisper to him a line from the library book.  "Ben, you're my greatest masterpiece."   To which Bennett replied, "Masterpee."  And they had a good laugh, because pee.  Obviously.

Despite her bossiness, steam rolling and sometimes bad influence, Bennett loves his big sister and wants to be just like her.  It's endearing.  (And slightly terrifying.)

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  1. This made my day. Laughing out loud this morning. I love how those two can be best friends when it comes right down to it. Just precious.