Wednesday, November 5, 2014

26 Weeks ... Just Bumpin' Along

It's that time again.... bump update.  Also, do you see what I did with that clever title?

I am, in fact, still pregnant.  My belly is getting... larger.  But this week's photo shows some serious delusion in the J Household.

Bennett is proud to announce that he also has a baby in his tummy.

This week I have felt the restrictions of pregnancy.  (Besides my desire for a glass of red which has been strong since we first found out I was pregnant.)    I bend over and the bump is in the way.  Picking up countless Halloween stickers from my kitchen floor (thank you, Bennett) and sweeping up the daily crumbs has become a real chore.  I also can hear myself breathing when I'm climbing stairs, enjoying a fun size candy bar or sitting perfectly still watching Property Brothers... Oh man, I know from experience that this level of discomfort is nothing compared to the desperate weeks before delivering a baby.  So I'm gearing up.

This week I have been rejoicing in the gift of flavored water.  Brought to my kitchen from the recommendation of my good friend, Erica.  It's literally water in a can with a hint of lime.  And I drink about three a day.  I'm sure I can enjoy something similar with a real lime and my tap water, but that's not chilled and in a can.  So....

In other news, I purchased some ankle boots.  I feel ridiculous wearing them but the interwebs tell me that this is the style and that rolling my pants up is the way to do it.     However, I am debating if this will be a flattering maternity choice because, well... cankles.

And that's about all for this bumpdate.  Carry on.

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