Friday, November 21, 2014

28 Weeks

Hello third trimester!  I am feeling officially PREG-NANT.  I finally gave up my kick boxing class and have opted for the gentler elliptical as my main source of exercise because I just couldn't hack it anymore.  That, and my bladder was begging for a break, like every five minutes.  I'm finding that some of my maternity tops are feeling snug and a little short and I wonder if it's too early to feel like this?  With my other pregnancies I remember getting to this point much closer to delivery. We've still got two months of water retention and awkward rolling out of bed.

I had a baby fit taking off my boots and socks last night because my belly was making the task nearly impossible. Lakin witnessed the scene and asked, "Mom, what are you so mad about?"  Whoops.  Didn't realize I was having a tantrum in front of my four-year-old.  My physical limitations are have left me grumpy.  My daughter even notices my tiny fits of rage over the great effort exerted during normal daily tasks.  Chris happened to call as I was finishing up bath time and could hear my struggle over the phone wrestling a wet and freshly lotioned toddler into his footed pajamas.  Sometimes I just have to take a minute and lay on the floor.  Bennett calls it, "Mommy sleep time."  I usually need this after getting the kids suited up to leave the house.  Because putting  kids in a snowsuit, snow boots, coat, mittens and hat is a lot of work.  But it's no joke when you're pregnant.  We're slow and steady over here.

But I do know that I won't always grunt when putting on socks and that someday soon my breath will return to me and I won't feel winded delivering laundry to Lakin's room downstairs.  This is temporary and totally worth it.

Here's a bump picture to document that I am indeed growing in size.

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  1. You look so great! Thanks for the pregnancy updates!