Friday, December 19, 2014

Favorite Things Party

Here are a few of my favorite things: hanging out with girlfriends, eating melted cheese on chips, and opening presents.  All elements of our Side By Side ladies Favorite Things holiday party.  Last Tuesday our group got together to celebrate the holidays, a wonderful first semester of Bible study and our growing friendships.  I love these women I spend my Friday mornings with and it was a treat to get together and laugh and talk while exchanging stories and personal favorites.

We set a $5 limit and each guest brought 5 of the same favorite thing.  Gifts were wrapped and later each one of us explained why we chose the gift we did.  I learned a ton about my friends as well as walked away with some lovely prizes.

 Erica, our lovely host, (might kill me for sharing this photo) looks like she's pondering something irritating.
 Erica and Sara - love these two.
 Tiffany, Jess and Casey get cozy with hot chocolate and the glow of the fireplace.
 Emily, Nicole and Aimee look like they could be sisters here.
 Taylor and I hold down the window seat and showcase a few of the gifts before opening time.

The whole group sans six of our beautiful women.  It's actually a miracle that ten of us were able to get together for the evening with kids and husband work schedules.  Also, fun fact, there are five preggies in this photo and two mommas of newborns represented.  Our group just keeps growing!

We ended the evening exchanging our goods.  Things got pretty exciting.

 Each of us drew five names to determine who would receive our gift.

 Some Burt's to cure those chapped lips and dry hands.
 Nicole was pumped to moisturize.
 Tiffany gave away some awesome nail polish.
 Erica shows great enthusiasm before opening her issue of Cook's Country from our resident chef, Jess.

 This cooking magazine was a total hit and offered family friendly meal ideas and helpful suggestions for mastering the cooking technique.

 Casey and Jess compare nail polish colors and we get the lowdown on the at home gel manicure.  It's a thing.
 I gave mechanical pencils and a notebook because I am
a. a huge nerd
b. love lists
c. a big fan of the Target dollar spot.
 Sara shows off her Mary Kay lip pencil.  You know you be jealous.
A small collection of some of the favorite things.

Thankful for a great evening, wonderful goodies and tons of laughs.

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  1. This is such a fun idea and I love that the limit was set low so y'all weren't breaking the bank but still came a way with fun goodies!!