Thursday, December 18, 2014

For the Childhood Memories: Gingerbread Houses and Candy Dreams

I love Christmas time.  I adore all the tradition and enjoy the extra fuss we make, in an effort to make the season special.  I want my kids to treasure the memories we make in our home.  But I'll admit that I can be a practicality Scrooge when it comes time to actually pull the trigger and put some of these holiday inspired activities into action.

I could have easily talked myself out of the gingerbread house making, but I'm so glad we took time to create this masterpiece.  It was a fun evening and the kids were delighted to play with frosting and candy.  Thanks Costco for selling me a pre-assembled house and all the fixings.

 Doesn't everyone decorate for Christmas in their bathing suits?  No?  I'm quite certain Lakin would ask Santa for 10 more swimsuits if she were not terrified of sitting on his lap.

 Ben was content to decorate the extra gingerbread men and leave the heavy lifting to Lakin.

 The kids demonstrated amazing self-control with the candy.

 Chris took some artistic license and added his own personal flair to the rooftop.

Once we were finished the kids had a gingerbread treat to cap the evening.

They also wanted to make sure I documented their most recent ornament creations.  Bennett is especially fond of taking photos and then looking at the back of the camera.  It delights my heart to have a willing photography subject!

 "I make dis."

We remove and replace ornaments all day long.  Where will we find our entertainment after the first of the year when the tree is down and the decorations packed up?

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